Postnatal Care

Postnatal Care

The average hospital stay for a vaginal delivery is four nights. The average hospital stay for a caesarean section is five nights.

Dr Renee Verkuijl will visit you every day after the birth of your baby to make sure that everything is going well. Midwives are available to help you with your breastfeeding and baby needs.

Up to 80% of women may feel a little sad or depressed in the first 2-3 days of delivery. Most of these feelings are mild and will resolve within 2 weeks after birth. The hormonal changes and fatigue may play a part in these feelings. Up to 10% of women may develop postpartum depression and so medication or counselling may be required. Both can make you feel better and allow you to enjoy your newborn. It is important that you are aware of these feelings and talk to us about them.

Contraception options will be discussed before you go home.

You can experience vaginal bleeding for up to 6 weeks after birth. If you are concerned about the amount of bleeding or if you have associated abdominal pain, fevers or smelly discharge you should contact us.

We normally recommend to avoid intercourse while you are still bleeding. When you stop having bleeding, you can have intercourse again but it may feel different from before your pregnancy. You can fall pregnant even within 2 weeks after birth and even when breastfeeding! Very important to use contraception even early on!

After you have gone home from hospital, Dr Renee Verkuijl will see you usually 6 weeks after the birth for a postnatal visit. This visit is to make sure you have recovered well from the birth but also to discuss further contraception and cervical screening test if needed. You can then also discuss any concerns that you may have regarding the birth of your baby or any future pregnancies.

COVID-19 updates

Dr Renee Verkuijl sees many pregnant and elderly patients. These patients are extremely vulnerable to viruses such as COVID, influenza and the common cold.

For the safety of all our patients and staff, we humbly request that:

1. All patients and carers who have returned from overseas or from NSW, Victoria, Brisbane or Ipswich areas in the last 3 weeks must notify us by phone and not come in to our clinic.

2. Any patient, carer or sibling with a fever, NEW cough, NEW runny nose or cold-like symptoms (even if mild) should telephone Dr Renee Verkuijl's rooms and reschedule their appointment. We thank you on behalf of our vulnerable patients for this and will endeavour to reschedule your appointment as soon as you have recovered. If and where possible, an appointment over the phone may be organised.

3. Please use good hand hygiene and cough etiquette for yourself and those attending the appointment with you.

4. We ask that only yourself and one other support person and/or child attend your appointment.

Thank you for all of your assistance during this time.