Individualised safe pregnancy and birthing options for mothers and babies


Congratulations with your pregnancy! Having a baby is a life changing experience for anyone. A healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby are the ultimate goals. Dr Renee Verkuijl will guide you through your pregnancy and childbirth in a unique manner by focusing on your individual needs. Dr Renee Verkuijl’s rooms are conveniently located in the Oxford Medical Suites next to the Mater Hospital in Townsville, so that she is more readily available during your labour and birth.

Services Provided

  • Prenatal counselling
  • Early pregnancy complications such as miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy
  • Antenatal visits
  • State of the art 2/3/4D ultrasound services
  • Low risk pregnancy, where complications are not anticipated
  • High risk pregnancy management, such as with twins, pre-existing conditions such as thyroid conditions, heart or lung disease or diabetes, and conditions that may arise during pregnancy such as preeclampsia and diabetes
  • Management of labour and childbirth
  • Vaginal Twin Delivery (on indication)
  • Caesarean Section
  • Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section (VBAC)
  • Assisted Deliveries (vacuum and forceps delivery)
  • Induction of labour

COVID-19 updates

Dr Renee Verkuijl sees many pregnant and elderly patients. These patients are extremely vulnerable to viruses such as COVID, influenza and the common cold.

For the safety of all our patients and staff, we humbly request that:

1. All patients and carers who have returned from overseas or from NSW, Victoria, Brisbane or Ipswich areas in the last 3 weeks must notify us by phone and not come in to our clinic.

2. Any patient, carer or sibling with a fever, NEW cough, NEW runny nose or cold-like symptoms (even if mild) should telephone Dr Renee Verkuijl's rooms and reschedule their appointment. We thank you on behalf of our vulnerable patients for this and will endeavour to reschedule your appointment as soon as you have recovered. If and where possible, an appointment over the phone may be organised.

3. Please use good hand hygiene and cough etiquette for yourself and those attending the appointment with you.

4. We ask that only yourself and one other support person and/or child attend your appointment.

Thank you for all of your assistance during this time.