The following procedures can be performed:

Day Procedures

Hysteroscopy D&C

A procedure where we have a look into the womb to check for any particular reason for bleeding problems and take a sample of the lining of the womb to send to the laboratory to check for underlying abnormalities.

Curette for Miscarriage

A  procedure where we make sure the womb is emptied after a failed pregnancy.

Endometrial Ablation 

A procedure where we remove the lining of the womb to reduce the amount of bleeding with periods.

LLETZ or Cone

A procedure where we remove the abnormal cells/tissue from the neck of the womb.

Insertion of Mirena

A  procedure where we insert an intra-uterine device to help with heavy periods.

Diagnostic Laparoscopy

A procedure where we have a look inside the abdomen to check for abnormalities by keyhole surgery.

Tubal Ligation

A procedure for contraceptive reasons.


Keyhole surgery for various reasons; removal of adhesions, removal of cysts etc.

Major Procedures


Keyhole surgery for removal of ectopic pregnancy, larger cysts, endometriosis or other.


Vaginal, abdominal and total laparoscopic removal of the womb.

Prolapse repair

A procedure to repair symptomatic prolapse without Mesh.